Terms & Conditions

The Internet site "Jonasfashions.com" ("the Site") manages and operates a virtual shop for the public using the Internet throughout the world - through which it is possible to order and send worldwide customers (to their home) (hereinafter- "recipient of the merchandise") various types of unique, original and special items, intended for different and various types of events.
The suppliers of the merchandise offered on the site were carefully chosen placing emphasis on the level of service given to the customer.
Everyone making a transaction through the site ("the customer") declares and undertakes that the provisions of these Articles are known and are clear and understandable and that he or anyone on his behalf will have no contention and/or demand and/or claim, directly and/or indirectly against the Owners of the site and/or its Operators and/or its managers and/or anyone on their behalf due to their actions in accordance with these Articles.
Payment for the gift ordered can be made through this site on a secured server as detailed below or alternatively, by telephone at numbers appearing in the site.
The site?s customer service is at the disposal of the customer for every additional question or clarification and can be directed by E-mail.
Conditions for use and purchase
These conditions for use and purchase define the rights and obligations of the customer at the time of ordering any gift on the site and as a result thereof. These terms are a binding agreement between the customer and the owners of the site.
The site will supply the gift chosen to the recipient of the gift as stated by the customer in the order (subject to remarks relating to the gift) on condition that the chosen gift is in stock with us and on condition that the customer has a valid credit card, or a PAYPAL account, and that the credit card company approved the purchase transaction that the customer requested.
If we do not have the possibility to supply the gift ordered for any reason whatsoever, despite the fact that it appears in the site we will offer a replacement similar item. If the customer does not agree and does not accept the replacement item, we will refund the customers total payment, including the shipping charges. If the credit card company did not approve charging the customer?s account, we will not be obligated to supply the ordered products. In such a case suitable notice will be sent to the customer by electronic mail and we will not charge his credit card, details of which were provided for the charge.
Notwithstanding the aforesaid in the event that you order a "gift basket" every effort will be made to supply the basket according to the description on the site, but in order to prevent delays in delivery, we reserve our right to supply it as close as possible at a suitable level.
Order cancellation will be allowed.
Ordering products on the site
In order to order merchandise on the site, you must enter into the "purchases cart" page all the details required, for example - the customer ordering the gift, the recipient of the gift, the type of gift and the supply date, and all this as detailed on the site.
After you made the order you will be sent a first confirmation by e-mail of receiving details of your order. This confirmation proves that the details of order were entered into the system.
For us to be able to supply the recipient of the gift the proper gift ordered, the gift order must be received into the site in a proper and organized way, which will include all the details required for delivery, the supply of the gift and the charge to the customer. The site cannot supply the gift ordered if the order was not entered or if it was entered in a distorted manner, and this also if the source of the fault is the site?s computers.
In the event that a gift is returned to us due to incorrect or inexact details given by the customer for the gift, the customer of the gift will be charged for delivery and handling expenses.
Please make sure to complete exact and up-to-date details.
Submitting false personal details is a criminal offense and a civil wrong and we hold the provider of such details responsible of any damage and/or expense cause to the site and/or its owners and/or its operators as a result thereof.
We value the fact that you ordered a gift through us and we will see to safeguarding your personal information.
Personal details given at the time of the order will be maintained in the site, while ensuring confidentiality of the details.
Details of the credit card are secured by PAYPAL and kept in their site in order to prevent access to the information and for maximum security.
Payment and supply
After completing the order, the customer will be immediately debited (subject to the specific arrangements between him and his credit card company), for the full payment for the gift ordered plus delivery and handling expenses - as appear in the shopping cart on the site.
In the event that the customer?s account in the credit card will not enable collection of the purchase price of the gift, then the order of the gift will be immediately cancelled and the customer will be charged $20 cancellation fees.
The site will do its outmost to supply the gift ordered by the customer to the recipient of the gift, in accordance with the date chosen by the customer, provided that the difference in times between the date chosen and the date of the order will be suitable for the type of delivery chosen by the customer in the purchaser cart, as detailed below.
Ordinary delivery - the gift will be shipped within 1-5 business days of the order confirmation.
Rapid delivery - The gift will be supplied within 2 business days of the order confirmation.

The owners of the site and its operators, will not be responsible for delays in the supply of merchandise resulting from events which are not under their control - such as failures, delays, strikes or lockouts in postal services, faults in the computer system or the telephone systems, which will harm completion of the purchase process and/or due to any force majeur.
The prices presented in the site are in US dollars including VAT, unless stated specifically otherwise next to them. The prices do not include payment for delivery and handling, which will be added to the price of the gift ordered in the purchase cart according to details appearing in the purchase cart.
We are entitled to update the prices of the products and the handling and delivering fees on the site from time to time.
The valid price regarding any order carried out is the price published at the time of completing the order procedure.

The site will complete its obligation to the customer on delivery of the gift ordered to the recipient of the gift.
The owners of the site and/or its operators will not bear any responsibility to the customer for faults or disruptions in the delivery provided that the site acted in accordance with details supplied to it.
The warranty for merchandise, both those that include services and those including products, which were published for purchase on the site, including their quality, safety and suitability for the recipient of the gift is solely on the suppliers of the service and/or the products The owners of the site and/or its operators will not bear any responsibility for any damage caused (if caused) to the body or property of the recipient of the gift due to its supply by the provider of the service or the supplier of the product and/or due to their quality and/or safety.
The owners of the site and/or its operators will not bear any responsibility for any damage caused to the customer and/or recipient of the gift due to a delay in supply of the gift compared to the date requested - unless the delay was a result of gross negligence by the site. In such a case the responsibility of the site will be limited to the amount equal to double the price of the order.
The service on the site is for use ?as is?. The customer will not have any contention, claim or demand against the site for the characteristics of the service, its capabilities, limitations or suitability to the requirements and demands.
The site does not undertake that the service on the site will not be interrupted, will be provided in good order and without stoppages and will take place safely and without errors and will be immune to unapproved access to its computers, damage, spoilage, errors, including failures of the hardware, software or the communication lines to the site - or that of any of its suppliers.
It is hereby declared that the order of any gift is not a contract in favor of third party.

Additional conditions

The owners of the site and/or its operators and/or managers will not bear, directly or indirectly any responsibility for any case in which the purchase of the customer was not entered into the system and/or any technical or other problem, which prevents the customer from making orders.
The owners of the site and/or its operators and/or managers will not bear, any responsibility for any illegal operations by the customer or any other factor, which is not completely controlled by it.
The owners of the site and/or its operators and/or managers reserve the right to close the site at their discretion, among other reasons if it became clear that illegal activities are taking part on the site.
Without derogating from the aforesaid, should factors and/or events which are not under the control of the owners of the site and/or its operators and/or its managers delay and/or prevent the performance of an order and/or supply of merchandise, fully or partly and/or in accordance with the dates required and/or whether faults will occur in the computer and/or the telephone system and/or every other communications factor in completing the process of the purchase and/or the supply, if due to enemy activities and/or a strike and/or a lockout and/or a particularly large call up of reserves and/or any other factor which is force majeur and will prevent and/or harm the purchase procedure and/or the supply of the goods, the owners of the site and/or its operators and/or its managers may inform the cancellation of any specific order.
The Company maintains its rights to change these Articles and rules of participation from time to time

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